Albedo's New Manufacturing Facility and Look

posted on
June 8, 2023

See with clarity, build with certainty: our new manufacturing facility and look

Albedo is thrilled to announce the opening of our new facility in the Denver, Colorado area. This is a major milestone for us as we continue the exciting process of building our space hardware, starting with our space vehicle testbed, integrating our first satellite, and then expanding our constellation. Having a dedicated facility to build, assemble, integrate, and test our satellites will give us finer control over our production schedule and operational leverage to react faster to any challenges we may face. With a total area of approximately 10,000 square feet, our new facility can accommodate the simultaneous construction of 3-4 satellites, significantly expanding our production capacity.

Our facility is equipped with clean rooms to ensure that our ultra-high precision optical satellites remain free from contaminants or particulates that could affect performance. The labs are configured to allow remote testing when possible and in-person testing with ESD-safe equipment for our space vehicle testbed or in-house CCA fabrication. We employ new precision test equipment to guarantee that each satellite undergoes rigorous testing, alignment, and stability checks before leaving the facility.

Moreover, our facility includes ample office space for our growing team of local employees to collaborate and connect with colleagues beyond their immediate teams. In addition to providing state-of-the-art production capabilities, our new facility can host the entire company for our semi-annual on-site meetings, which focus on strengthening our bonds and improving the Albedo culture of excellence and fun.

Albedo was originally founded as a remote-first company and will continue to leverage highly skilled remote talent while expanding into this facility as a first step towards additional in-person collaboration. We are dedicated to maintaining our remote-friendly approach, combining hands-on hardware development with the advantages of a modern remote workplace. Whether on-site or remote, we firmly believe that our company culture thrives through our asynchronous communication framework and adherence to our Core Values.

The opening of our new facility represents a significant step forward for Albedo, and we're excited to showcase it to our partners and customers. Our mission of delivering 10-centimeter visible and 2-meter thermal imagery feels closer than ever, and we are confident that our new facility will play a significant role in achieving that goal.

Finally, you may have noticed that our website looks a bit different. Albedo has always had a very strong company identity, but we only recently found the right partner to help visually interpret and express that identity. We were excited to partner with Landscape, an award-winning agency based in San Francisco, whose team immediately understood our mission and the mark we wanted to make on the Earth Observation industry.

We collaborated to dial in the Albedo vision and value proposition, coalescing it all in a fresh visual perspective. Among the many updates, the most prominent is our logo. We wanted something that would withstand the test of time, where in a hopeful world, after we’ve launched a constellation of industry-changing satellites, our logo would still feel appropriate for where we would be and where we could go.

“See with clarity. Act with certainty.” This phrase and our new, vibrant colors show our desire to propel this industry, with a rich history, into a future that is just as high-potential. We are absolutely convinced that our high-quality, ultra-high resolution data will help drive positive change across both the commercial and government sectors with an equal amount of confidence.

If you’re new to Albedo, welcome; if you’ve been following along for the past two years, thanks for keeping up. We hope you stick around, because we’re just getting started!