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September 29, 2021

Albedo's mission statement and core values.

Albedo's Mission and Core Values

A few weeks ago, the entire Albedo team met up in Denver for our first company "on-site", since we're a remote first company. In addition to meeting each other in-person for the first time, one of our main priorities was to create alignment on our company Mission and collectively determine our Core Values.  We freely and openly discussed what we thought was important, how that would impact our company as we grow, and how to best achieve the great and ambitious things we have planned. Below is what we discovered.

Albedo's Mission Statement

Albedo will deliver customers unprecedented value through the highest resolution satellite imagery available. By making our satellite imagery broadly accessible and delivering our data quickly to support our customer’s needs, we aim to catalyze market growth and spur new applications.

We are bringing NIIRS 7 to the people!  Albedo will deliver a space-based dataset never before seen by the commercial industry.  Better image quality is required for many applications and improves performance for almost every other. We are a product-focused company that puts customers first, and the unanimous conclusion of our customer community is that the process of acquiring and accessing satellite imagery is immensely difficult. We're laser focused on changing this status quo. We are unbundling the stack by focusing on a great user experience for buying analytics-ready imagery, so that domain experts can focus on their targeted applications and build in new and existing verticals.

All the while, this does not eliminate the opportunity to simultaneously ensure we improve the world we live in. We are so excited to support use cases related to wildfire prevention, forest carbon capture estimation, data-driven investigative journalism, infrastructure energy efficiency monitoring, and protecting national security to name a few.

Albedo's 7 Core Values

Humility, Emotional Intelligence, and Respect (HEIRs)

We embody HEIRs and empathy in our everyday.

High Speed, Low Drag

We move rapidly with concentrated velocity.

Default to Trust and Transparency

We are optimists who assume good intent from others. We build strong relationships through being open and honest.

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

Whether it's our team, our company, or our industry, we are most effective when we work together and celebrate the Gestalt.

Bold, but Accountable

We aren't afraid to push the limits, but we calculate the risks and own our failures.

Take the High Road

We always do the right thing and maintain a high ethical standard.

Stay in Orbit

We take care of our well-being, enjoy the ride, and optimize for the long run.

Albedo is building something to be proud of — not just for the moment, but for a brighter and more connected tomorrow. Each image from above shows us how we are all connected. We have this one blue marble to love and take care of.

As we build towards the best possible future for ourselves, our team, our industry, and our planet, we believe these are the core values that will help guide us to make the best decisions, take the right actions, and move with intent for our company. We’re excited to share our mission and core values with our community!

Ad Astra!
The Albedo Team